Characteristics of good Motivational Speakers

What makes a good motivational speaker? If you are thinking about hiring a motivational speaker for your event or function, read more about the characteristics of good motivational speakers:

  • Flexible: Good motivational speakers are flexible in terms of how they deal with different crowds. They can quickly adapt or change their presentation or speaking style for a wide range of groups, making it personal for each and every client.
  • Professional: Good motivational speakers generally make a living out of their job, so they deal with each client professionally (they show up on time, get good briefs about the project, discuss any concerns beforehand and so forth).
  • Funny: While there’s a huge difference between a comedian and a motivational speaker, good keynote speakers are generally very entertaining people that can easily get a laugh out of their audience.
  • Strategic thinkers: Companies often hire motivational speakers for specific reasons – they might want to motivate their teams, or they need somebody inspiring to come and speak to their staff during troubled times. Good motivational speakers are usually strategic thinkers that provide out of the box, creative ideas and solutions that can address specific problems within a company.
  • Knowledgeable: Experienced motivational speakers have a wide general knowledge and have worked in a range of industries.
  • Sociable: Motivational speakers that often get bookings are usually very sociable people. Their ability to interact with the crowd and different people on a personal level contributes to their likability.
  • Creative: One of the reasons why people hire a motivational speaker (instead of getting somebody within the organisation to make a presentation) is because these speakers can come up with creative ways to motivate people. Being detached from the company gives the motivational speaker to see problems from an objective, independent point of view.

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